Tuesday, February 21, 2012

This one smells really good

Remember as a kid, scribbling with colored crayon,
then covering it with black crayon or paint, then 
scratching through the black to make colored 
patterns?  It is every bit as rewarding as an adult.
Go.  Try it. 
I did.
And take a big whiff of that heavenly smell while
you're at it.


  1. If ONLY I had time to do this. I will do it this summer:)

    HANG IN THERE. Scratch away. Whatever it takes...

  2. Wow looks beautiful! Yes I can remember this from my childhood ;).
    Mmm great idea for my 365 project, thanks for the inspiration.
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    So maybe you want to be my follower too :D.
    Take a look at my profile or at www.365dagencreatief.blogspot.com
    Warm regards from Susan from the Netherlands.


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